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You’re a busy parent, always on the go with your active family, constantly organizing each of you lives to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. You don’t have time to search for a photographer, plan outfits, locations and then figure out which products you need printed for your home and for gifts to family. You know you want beautiful images of your family at all the wonderful stages in their lives but you know you can’t do it all alone. You need someone who can take your needs and turn it into art while giving you the best possible experience and making sure you never have to question your trust in them. You’ll find that here. I specialize in wedding and family photography, print products and artwork for your home. No one else in Omaha offers the experience that I can give you, and no one else matches the quality and uniqueness of the products that I offer.

When you hire Velvet Sage Studios, you are hiring a guide and a trusted friend. I have done all of the legwork so that you don’t have to.

  • Before your session even takes place we choose locations, sets, and clothing together and begin to design the products you’ll get to take home. That’s it, one appointment and you’re done! No back and forth over email or text, no doing it alone anymore!

  • Gone are the days of digital galleries that look great on your computer with no real and tangible proof that you paid a professional photographer good money to take beautiful photos of you and your family.

  • After your session you will be guided through the ordering process in person while looking at your images for the first time. Never question your choices, never get overwhelmed and quit halfway through again, leaving your photos behind to collect cyber dust on your computer. Here, we print and enjoy the images we paid for.

  • I have all of the expertise and tools to create a meaningful experience for you and your family. No wild child or surly teenager has beaten me at this game yet and I know you will walk away with a wealth of relief and incredible memories.



Pudgy little hands, the sweetest coos and giggles, and the baby curls that straighten all too soon. While your love for your beautiful little family never fades, sometimes the most important details do. Giving yourself and your children the gift of a blissful family adventure is where you excell. Crafting your story into a multi-generational experience is where I do. 


Your deeps connection and devotion to each other can only be celebrated one way. Together, just the two of you. The wind whipping up your vows and serenading the mountains with them. The Earth, applauding under your feet as you scrunch your toes in anticipation and excitement. The trees whispering excitedly as your go in for your first kiss. It's your magic, I only help tell the story.


The mountains are the lines on the screen when your heart beats. The redwoods are the strength in your limbs. The rivers are the fine lines that make up your beauty. You are the Earth, and you yearn for its presence in your life. Bringing the outside, in is something t hat’s not only important to you, but essential to a meaningful existence. You see the past in your partner, the future in your children and stars and galaxies in all of their eyes. Let e help you design and display those elements in your space. Artful expression is a powerful tool that I want to harness in your life.