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You need a photographer that gets it… A photographer that gets the good life!


Why Invest in velvet Sage Studios?


“ Our photographer gave us a USB of photos and I don’t know what to do with them.”

Before your session even takes place we choose the best clothing and locations in Omaha together and begin to design the products you’ll get to decorate your home with. That’s it, one appointment and you’re done! No back and forth over email or text, no doing it alone anymore!


“ There are just so many options, it’s overwhelming.”

Gone are the days of digital galleries that look great on your computer with no real and tangible proof that you paid a professional photographer good money to take beautiful photos of you and your family. We will design products for you to display in your home, taking into consideration your tastes, current decor and room for growth. We will even hang was art for you!


“ Our photographer didn’t give us any direction on outfits or posing. This made it difficult to get the images we wanted”

During your session you will be guided through the ordering process in person while looking at your images for the first time. Never question your choices, never get overwhelmed and quit halfway through again, leaving your photos behind to collect cyber dust on your computer. Here in Omaha, we print and enjoy the images we paid for. This is The Good Life.


“ She showed up and had issues with her camera, seemed flustered and ended up loosing most of the images we took.”

You need your family photographer to have all of the tools to create a meaningful experience for you and your family. No wild child or surly teenager has beaten me at this game yet and I know you will walk away with a wealth of relief and incredible memories.