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Hello. My name is Katie and I prefer my biography to be written in gifs and emojis. So, I would rather tell you about the amazing experience I have crafted for you.

  • Step 1. Fill out that dope contact from below

  • Step Deuce. Be contacted by real, live , ME! I’ll try you on the phone first, yeeessss even though it’s awkward! We are going to jump right in to who you are, why velvet sage photography needs to photograph your wedding and what you really want out of this experience.

  • Step 3. Approve your proposal over drinks ( coffee or cocktails. Your pick, my treat!). we will also get your contract signed and 50% retainer paid at this point as well!

  • Step 4. Have a freaking dance party because you’re celebrating!

  • Steps Next. We will set up a date closer to the event to write out your official timeline and I will provide lots of information and contact leading up to and after this point. After having a HECKIN’ good time on the day you get married I will back up, curate and edit your gallery.

  • Step, The Delivery. You will see your images for first time via the highly coveted slideshow that makes everyone ugly cry, then we get to buy pretty things. I will walk you step by step while we design wall art to match your home and albums to match your deepest wishes! I freckin’ love this part.


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Answer these questions, yeeesss all of them, and a real live person (me) will be in touch super soon.

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Main Contact ( you)
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Partner Name
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