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Different Photography Styles

Wedding planning can sometimes feel like a joke. You are expected to follow certain traditions and live within certain parameters of the strange industry.  You are  also expected to sift through thousands of local wedding vendors to find the perfect fit to your budget and aesthetic for your wedding. Most people end up getting so frustrated that they simply call it quits or rollover and let somebody else make the decisions, ultimately not being satisfied with the way their wedding turned out. 

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Weddings Planning Dos and Don'ts

Wedding planning help is on the way! Do you feel a little like the bride in this picture? Like, “Yes! I am going to make it, I’ll be dead by the time I get to the alter, but I’ll get there dammit!” Determined, yet feeling a little lost and entirely hopeless? Let me say it, Wedding planning SUCKS! I give mad props to those who choose to do it for a living, but for the rest of us…… it’s like we can no longer even.

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5 Reasons to Elope

Tired of planning a big wedding, or never really wanted one in the first place? I’m glad you are here. I have been taking the time over recent weeks to become an expert on elopements. Now, I’m not there yet but the more I learn about them the more I LOVE the idea and wanted to start you off with 5 reasons to elope!

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Wedding Day Timeline Ideas

“She said yes, I said…” … what now?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of getting engaged and pretend that wedding planning is going to be all fun and games, especially when this is the first time you are getting married. Wedding vendors, blog sites, and magazines can put a lot of pressure on brides and grooms to simply just know how to put together a wedding and quickly overwhelm you with ideas, offers and frankly nonsense information. I am here to help you wade through the bullshit and get right down to business.

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Eloping in 2019

At the center of all weddings are two people, so deeply in love that they have chosen to bind themselves together for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, it can often seem as though the happy couple is not at the center of this event and that the wedding itself is the main attraction.

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How to have a beautiful, unplugged wedding. The easy way.

Hey there pretty people! Welcome back to the blog! Today is going to be less about my work and more of a PSA. There are so so…. SO many articles out there on the web right now on this subject but for some reason, not everyone has heard of  this concept, unplugged Weddings. So, I thought, what’s the harm in writing up one more article to help educate just a few more people?

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