10 Outdoor Venues in Omaha, NE

10 Outdoor Venues in Omaha, NE


Not being a Nebraska native can have it’s advantages right along with the disadvantages. I may be wildly unprepared for the weather, being a Texas girl we didn’t exactly get to experience snow, and unfamiliar with the slower life coming from a big city like Fort Worth. However, after spending 30 years of your life in one place, something new and unfamiliar seems magical and refreshing. Omaha, NE natives seem to have a great love for their city and the surrounding landscape, but I do hear all the time how boring it is here and how bland it can be. I don’t doubt that for a second, I felt the same way having been born and raised in the same city all my life. But, as a relatively new member of the Nebraskan life, I have the advantage of seeing this place in a different light. I have the pleasure of discovering things that may have been overlooked by long time residents of beautiful Omaha, NE. I would love to spotlight some gorgeous, outdoor wedding venues local to Omaha, NE and get your take on my picks in the comments.

Top 10 Wedding Venues in Omaha - Outdoors

To See Sarah and Brandon’s full wedding gallery from Lucile’s in Old Market Omaha, NE Click Here.

To See Sarah and Brandon’s full wedding gallery from Lucile’s in Old Market Omaha, NE Click Here.

In my first year living in Nebraska as a professional wedding photographer I quickly learned two things. The weather is unpredictable and the Huskers rule the wedding dates. The weather seems to inhibit a lot of people from searching for outdoor venues in Omaha and as a result, I honestly believe there have been quite a few gems that seem to get looked over. So, here are 10 outdoor venues in Omaha, NE that this photographer can’t seem to get off her mind.

  1. Lucile’s

    Secret gardens are a thing in Omaha and I am all for it. This one seems to be purposefully kept a secret for a good reason ( they don’t even have an instagram page), but its history and charm are worth exploring and enjoying. What I love about this place is the fact that while there is a gorgeously kept, secret garden in the back to get married in, they have an indoor option as well. Plus, it’s a smaller venue, more suitable for intimate weddings and those are my absolute favorite. www.lucilesoldmarket.com/

  2. Omaha, NE Parks

    State city parks are always a cool choice for outdoor wedding venues in Omaha, NE. Depending on the time of the year you can be treated to beautiful foliage, wildlife and unique accommodations. They tend to be cheaper too, this is especially great since it helps you save for truly important elements like your memory keepers ( photography * cough cough* and videography). In the Omaha Area I would include places like Eugene T. Mahoney State Park, Platte River State Park, Two Rivers, Riverwest Park in Elkhorn, Elmwood Park Grotto, Heartland of America Park, Memorial Park, and Mt. Vernon Gardens. There are many other options as well and the city of Omaha Parks and Recreation site have a lot of useful information on weddings in Omaha, NE parks. https://parks.cityofomaha.org/

  3. Lauritzen Gardens

    Choose from more that 6 beautifully landscaped gardens with various accommodations and they even have indoor options as well. When nature is an important part of who you are, it’s important to incorporate that into such a special time in your life. https://www.lauritzengardens.org/

  4. Founders One Nine

    Located in the heart of Omaha, NE, this wedding venue has a gorgeous outdoor green space for intimate weddings as well as indoor accommodations. It’s urban chic theme has my heart in knots and it’s all inclusive rental accommodations, from the space to the silverware to the decor , will allow you the ability to enjoy the planning process without all of the stress! I am definitely keeping this at the top of my wish list of places to photograph weddings in Omaha, NE in 2019! foundersomaha.com/

  5. Lied Lodge at Arbor Day Farms

    The incredibly priced and versatile Lied Lodge has me swooning. I’m honestly not sure why I haven’t heard more about this from other vendor or couples. Choose from 2 indoor venues and 5 outdoor venues, for large or small guest counts and plenty of extras thrown in. The prices are astoundingly budget friendly and the views are killer. https://www.liedlodge.org/

  6. Joslyn Castle

    At over 100 years old the grounds of this castle provide a stunning landscape for outdoor weddings. A fairytale backdrop for sure, but surprisingly intimate, even though it sits on more than 5 acres. https://joslyncastle.com/

  7. Thompson Alumni Center

    The Outdoor Cathedral is a much overlooked option for smaller ceremonies in the Omaha, NE area. Situation close to downtown, it’s the perfect setting for an intimate gathering of your closest friends and family. Afterwards head out to Old Market Omaha to continue the experience. https://www.unomaha.edu/thompson-center/index.php

  8. Castle Unicorn

    I know. I KNOW! RIGHT?!? First of all, I can’t believe I now live in OIMAHA, NE and I am ale to put TWO castles on my venue list. I MEAN COME ON!!! Also, unicorn? How incredible is that? Not only does it have a cool name but it rocks off ALL the boxes. Gorgeous wedding space, tons of amenities, on site catering, decor, even a honeymoon suite! They thought of it all. https://www.castleunicorn.com/

  9. A View Venues

    I know these are popular, I have heard a lot about their existence. They deserve to be on this list because they do have beautiful, dedicated spaces for outdoor ceremonies. These spaces are a dream and they are a professional wedding venue so you know you are going to be enjoying the luxuries of their experience. https://aviewvenues.com/

  10. Falconwood Park

    For a stunning, wooded, ceremony and reception, look no further. This wonderland of ample space will have your campfire themed wedding running smoothly and beautifully. They even have camping and GLAMPING sites so that you can your guests can party the weekend away together. P.S. Most photographers (hint hint) dream of photographing a campout wedding at spaces like this. Just saying. https://www.falconwoodpark.com/

Wow. This list was a chore for me to put together, and I know where to look for these spaces. Being in the wedding industry as a professional wedding photographer for 5 years has given me some great insight into what it takes to be a bride or a groom. You’re overwhelmed and confused most of the time, and ready to call it quits the rest of the time. I know that if it was hard for me to find 10 outdoor wedding venues in Omaha, NE that it would be twice as difficult for you. Which is why I am thrilled to be able to offer blog posts like this one. If this article helped you, please share it in your local wedding groups to help other couples who may be struggling.

Some honorable mention outdoor wedding venues in Omaha, NE I would like to include are; Blatt Beer and Table, Omaha Marriott, Zorinsky Lake, and General Crook House Museum. There are many more venues that are primarily indoors with outdoor options but here are my top picks for outdoor venues in Omaha, NE.

If this bit of help wasn’t enough and you are still ready to call it quits and elope, I have some great options for you.

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