Omaha Maternity and Childbirth Professional Photography


Your pregnant!!

Now What?

Whether your 6 weeks pregnant or 6 months, you probably have a ton of important questions about how your body will change, what childbirth is like and so on. I can go on for DAAAYSSS about those subjects but I am not qualified to give you any advice from my own pregnancy and childbirth experiences. What I am qualified to do is answer your photography questions. As you begin this new chapter in your life documenting it may seem like the thing you put on the back burner until everything else is done. Then what tends to happen is a frantic dash to find a photography to snap a couple maternity photos before you deliver.

I would love to change that narrative. I would love to answer questions, give you ideas and help you plan in advance for documenting this part of your story in an artful way. Take a look at the answers to some of the questions like, what is a Fresh 48 anyway? or Do people really have their birth photographed? The shorter answers aren’t any fun so let’s dive in a little.

Advice from an Omaha Professional Photographer


Between all of the unsolicited advice, the books you feel forced to read, the classes you are urged to take and the plans you are supposed to write, it’s hard to enjoy pregnancy and the idea of childbirth.

Growing and flourishing inside of your body is tiny seed that will breath new life into you as it takes its first breath Earthside. For now though, you have a hard time imagining how that moment is going to come into creation. That’s okay!

I take pride in the fact that families come to me in a questioning state and leave with new sense of understanding and calm.

Just remember, it’s okay not to know, it’s okay to screw up, it’s okay to take a path directly opposite of all the advice and information being thrown at you.

” Birth Photography is unlike any other type of photographic story. The magic, vulnerability and trust that gets poured into these moments is something I treasure and take very seriously.”

What Omaha family photography sessions do you offer?

And What is a Fresh 48?

1. Omaha Pregnancy Announcements


A simple “we’re pregnant” at the next family gathering is beautiful and special all by itself. However, for some people here in Omaha, NE getting a little creative is essential to celebrating this new little life. That’s usually where I come in, we can plan to surprise your partner, your parents, or your best friends. Or, maybe, you just want some photos to send out announcement cards! Either way, these sessions are basically like any other portrait session and can be as long and creative as you would like them to be.

Generally, Omaha pregnancy announcement portrait sessions are added on to a collection that includes maternity and birth or newborn sessions. I rarely book these by themselves, but of course that is also an option. These little sessions can be meaningful all by themselves or as part of a package that helps tell the entire story of bringing your child into the world in your printed album.

Bonus* I can also print customized cards just for this!

2. Maternity Photography in Omaha. Duh.

This is, of course, one of the most popular photography session types here in Omaha for pregnant women. My full collections are designed to include styling so that you get a full pampering experience, and gorgeous wardrobe selections.

It is my goal that while you are being photographed you are able to be immersed in your own story so much that you feel the magnitude of this moment in your life with every fiber of your being. We will take the time to design a session that makes you feel safe and magical. Your maternity session will give you enough time to stop and feel what the experience actually means to you. The emotional and connections I am able to photograph usually elicit some tears during the reveal.

3. Omaha Baby Shower Photography


These are actually pretty rare for me to be booked for. In the chance that you decide these beautiful, candid moments of your friends and family coming together to celebrate your womanhood and the blessing of life you are giving the world are worth remembering, I am here for you. The majority of the time I am contacted to capture a blessing way which is an alternative to a baby shower or in addition to one. They provide the mother to be with the opportunity to break pampered in a way that highlights her importance which can sometimes get lost in the excitement of a new baby on it’s way.

4. Omaha Birth Photography. The Big One.


I hear a little too often, that Birth photography sounds gross or is something people definitely wouldn’t want to remember. I couldn’t be more opposed to this viewpoint. In fact, it offends me.

Birth Photography is unlike any other type of photographic story. The magic, vulnerability and trust that gets poured into these moments is something I treasure and take very seriously.

A woman in labor is transformed into something otherworldly. Something incredible. You, at this time, are at your most powerful, your body, at its most beautiful.

Birth photography can be as involved or as modest as you prefer. It’s just one part of a complete story. For those you still feel a little squeemish about the idea, there is an alternative….

5. Fresh 48. What is that again?


So, there is an alternative to birth photography. It’s cheaper, less invasive and easier to schedule.

Fresh 48 photography is basically a lifestyle newborn session.

After you go into labor, make me aware so that I know it’s almost time. Once baby is born, whether its at home, a birth center, or in hospital, I will plan to come out in the first day or two ( there is the 48 part) to capture some of babies first moments Earthside. This captures the story of their first couple days of life, the weather, the atmosphere, the love surrounding them, the location etc. Hopefully, looking back at these images or your birth images you will be taken back to that day, back to those feelings and smells and memories.

Hopefully this little dictionary of the types of pregnancy and childbirth photography sessions I offer here ins Omaha, NE helped shed some light on the magic of this stage of life and the storytelling possibilities. .

Watch the video that made my husband cry and take a moment to get all up in your feels with this Fresh 48 video I created for the most deserving family. 

If you want one of your own, simply book as soon as you can!