10 (more) Ideas to Inspire a Fun Summer Photo Shoot

10 (more) Ideas to Inspire a Fun Summer Photo Shoot

Photo Session Ideas in Omaha, NE

You have all of the time in the world on your side this Summer. the Kids are out of school, the sun is giving you that warm glow, the days are long and the sunsets are incredible. If you haven’t seen my list of 10 things to do in Omaha, this Summer, click here. You will want to look at that list and this list of 10 more fun Summer photo session ideas together while planning out your Midwest Summer.

10 MORE Reasons to Hire a Photographer This Summer

  1. Mermaids

    For me, this summer theme is a total duh! Guys and gals alike can take some special inspiration from these legendary creatures. Fishnets for the perfect glimmering, scaly skin; glitter galore and so much more! Let me help you create an incredibly fun and unique series of portraits this Summer!

  2. Fishing

    Little ones look so precious sitting by the lake in the evening Summer sun with their bite sized fishing poles and mini minnow buckets! What a sweet way to remember their love for fishing than with a collection of fishing themed prints in a special wooden keepsake box. Don’t forget the Overalls and straw hats!

  3. Docks

    Grab your partners hand and snuggle quietly in the dying Summer sun on the docks at your favorite lake. We have so many to choose from in Omaha. ( Zorinsky, Chalco Hills, Walnut Creek, etc … ) If you spend a lot of time in a place like this, it can be such a beautiful place to capture the love you both are creating together. If you are up for a little more adventure, might I suggest jumping in the lake?

  4. Boho

    A fashion trend I hope never goes away.  Boho is a reminder of a time that I know I once lived. The neutral colors, the textures, the embellishments, they are so freeing! Anthropology and Free People are my top picks for this look. They photograph SO WELL!

  5. Longer days

    I think one of the best reasons for saving your yearly photo session for the Summer are the longer days. This makes it so much easier to work around activities and work schedules. Let mom and dad get off work, go home and change and have a wild and fun summer weeknight photo session!

  6. Tropical Dreams

    Is there anything more drool inducing than an intimate wedding in the tropics? {take me with you} Harness that look and feel by stocking up on anything with a pineapple print this season. Pineapple dresses, flamingo swimsuits and pink donuts pool floats! I love weird and funky shoot ideas, lay ’em on me!

  7. Lemons

    Lemon colored or printed apparel or a good old fashioned lemonade stand session. These aren’t just for kids either! Embrace your fun and creative side with this Summer staple!

  8. Pools and Sprinklers

    Water droplets flying around you and your loved ones in the last light of the day is nothing short of magical. Get those quirky swimsuits on and get ready to break out those sprinklers and jump into the pool for some classic portraits that feel a little vintage, and always super cool!

  9. In Home Lifestyle Sessions

    Some of my absolute favorites for couples and families alike. You may think you don’t like your home as the backdrop for your photos but just wait and see. Let me work with you to declutter and rearrange you home and I promise that you will be blown away. Here you can beat the heat in the comfort of your own home. The way the bright Summer sun dances into your bedroom or on your front porch translates into breathtaking portraits of the wonderful life you live.

  10. Unicorns

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEAAAASE let me take photos of you dressed in the most trendy unicorn apparel and accessories. Or better yet, let’s get a real live unicorn {mini horse with a horn on it’s head} and get our photos or our littles photos taken with it. Let’s make some real magic!!!


Did I leave you Inspired? Use the form to contact me below and let’s design the perfect Summer photo session for you!