Eloping in 2019

Where to Begin Planning an Elopement in 2019



At the center of all weddings are two people, so deeply in love that they have chosen to bind themselves together for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, it can often seem as though the happy couple is not at the center of this event and that the wedding itself is the main attraction.

*Cue threatening music

At this point the wedding seems to take on a life of it’s own, sucking out the souls of  family members and turning them into terrifying wedding zombies bending to the will of the evil event. Your wishes seem completely irrelevant and things quickly become overwhelming and downright scary.

Before you know it, you lover has taken you by the hand and whispered the sweetest words you have ever heard into your ear.

“Let’s Elope”

Oh salvation! Suddenly you envision running towards freedom. The horizon beaming the most glorious sunset into your relief stricken face. Behind you, you hear the moans and wails of your “zombified” family running after you but they fortunately gain no ground. You are free.

Steeling a glance at your fiance you smile, they smile back. Even though your breath, haggard and harsh, is caught in your throat, you began to laugh. It’s a magical laugh, tinkering in the wind like distant chapel bells.

*End strange hallucination.


“Wait, where do I start?” So you have traveled all the way back to reality and you need a few ideas on how to plan such an extravagant adventure. Fortunately, elopements have become a huge trend in the last few years so there are many amazing resources and ideas to assist you in your journey. Here are a few tips I have picked up during my own journey as a wedding photographer.

So You Want to Elope in 2019

1. Have a clear idea:

Are you eloping to save money, sanity or both? Are we waking up on a Wednesday and heading to the courthouse? Or, are we planning a mountaintop adventure to truly encompass our personalities? Making sure you are honest about your wants, needs and expectations. Just because you are willing to run out and elope doesn’t actually mean you are willing to sacrifice certain things. Sit down with your partner and write out your desires separately, compare them, then create a list of musts together. It is imperative that neither one of you has any regrets about your decision.

2. Know your budget:

Elopements can be as detailed and expensive as a 300+ guest wedding with a sit down dinner and 15 tier wedding cake. Make sure you recognize your reasons for eloping and plan appropriately. Take the top 10 things on your priority list from the step above and allocate a percentage of your budget for each item. Play with different total numbers that are REALISTIC until you find a comfortable spot.

3. Traveling? Hire a planner local to where you are eloping:

Planning to travel for your elopement? Make sure you first research a good planner in that area who can handle everything on that end. They will know the area and the local vendors you might be interested in hiring. No stress right? That’s our goal!

4. On that note, hire a photographer local you YOUR area:

When you hire a photographer local your area you will pay extra fees to have that photographer travel with you. However, when you live close to your photographer you get personalized service that just isn’t possible when your photographer is far away. Have the option to have cohesive looking engagement photos, in person meetings and reveals and build a relationship with someone who you can trust.

5. Making the announcement:

Once you have decided on all of the details of your elopement decide how you are going to tell people. Be careful and remember that some of them are zombies. Are you including witnesses in your ceremony? Tell witnesses first and enlist them to help you tell others. Host a dinner at your house or visit each person individually. Then, when you are ready, tell the rest of the world. You can choose to make it known before hand or tell everyone after the fact. Just make sure you are confident in your decision so you can effectively navigate any poor reactions or hurt feelings.

Bonus Tips

  • Feel weird about leaving people out? Hire a designated Facebook live attendant! That’s right, on your “wedding invitation”, instead of telling people where to show up, tell them when to log in!

  • Want to spend the money on a beautiful elopement but don’t want to plan it all yourself? Take a look at the growing trend of micro weddings

  • Don’t have a lot of money? Nothing says your courthouse elopement can’t be just as gorgeous as your sisters country club wedding.

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