Cute, Environmentally Friendly Wedding Exits for Day Weddings

8 Actually Cute Wedding Exits for Day Wedding

When You are Given a Whole List of “Do Not”…

…Struggling to come up with cute wedding exits for day weddings that not only will be approved by your wedding venue but are also safe for the environment, unique, fun, and CUTE? Here are 8 amazing ideas for cute wedding exits that are sure to excite you.


Leaf Confetti

  • Whether you love the look of confetti or you just need a quick, simple, yet beautiful option this is a keeper for sure. Not only is customization easy, it is super ok for the environment too! Oh yeah, and it’s cheap! Just gather some beautiful leaves from around your home and get to hole punching!

Ribbon Wands

  • These adorable creations seem to be the day version of sparklers. Make them yourself and create them as full, long and colorful as you want. You can also purchase them pre-made with a lot of variety in the market. Another cheap and cute wedding exit option.

Pop Out Streamers

  • Shiny, fun, cost effective and ZERO cleanup. These pop out streamers photograph beautifully and the best part is that they are actually attached to the popper and you can just roll it back up when you are finished. No more pesky extra clean up fees from your venue for glitter or confetti. And of course, this means that you get extra points for being kind to the environment. If you come across any pastel or bright colorful ones in this style please let me know!!

Paper Air Planes

  • Ok, can we just stop for a second and appreciate the majesty of this one? I have fallen in LOVE with this adorable idea. Another beautiful, easy and DIY-able project for your wedding. Make them out of recycled paper or even PLANTABLE paper! That way if one gets forgotten in the cleanup, it will simply resolve and grow! Just make sure to plead with your guests not to go for the eyes!


Crepe Paper

  • Hand your guests rolls of crepe paper to toss back and further across the exit aisle right be you run through them. They are colorful and easy to break through. Easy, fun and cheap alternative to balloons!

Musical Instruments

  • I haven’t really seen this idea floating around much but it is super cute so start using it before it becomes trendy! Perfect way to add a unique touch to your very special wedding day. Bonus idea, make sure to have these on the ceremony chairs so that guests can shake them at your first kiss!


  • I can just imagine  a tunnel of your guests waving these as you run through. Now the link I have given you is for some gorgeous save the date printed handkerchiefs BUT you can but lots of vintage ones on Ebay simply for send off purposes. “The tradition for the second line handkerchief originated from the famous New Orleans jazz funerals. Many involved in the second line would either have an umbrella or parasol to add to the spirit of the precession.  Those who did not have the umbrellas and wanted to join in the festivities would grab the nearest white handkerchief to wave in the air. The white handkerchiefs were often in the pockets of the gentleman in the old days, or the ladies personal handkerchief. Today any paper or cloth napkin has been used to wave in the air to allow you to join in and be part of the fun.” (Credit: New


  • Bubbles are a classic. They are easy to get a hold of and not too expensive. They also photograph really well in the day time. Want mass amount of bubbles, turn bubble machines on right before you come out and give your guests bubble guns instead of those tiny wedding favor bubbles. Go big or go home right?



Ready, Set GO!

All of these cute wedding exits for day weddings can be adapted for night weddings too of course but I think the most colorful ones definitely shine during the day. Everything I have listed can be customized to your particular tastes, most are cheap and all are so much fun. I hope this gave you some good ideas for your wedding send off and I have now made this my photography wedding send-off bucket list. So if you take one of these ideas and run with it … call me!

Have another amazing idea? Tell us, what did you do for your wedding?