Best Proposal Tips

Best Proposal Tips

Being a photographer, I get asked to photograph a few proposals every now and then. With Christmas around the corner and valentines day coming up, we have entered proposal season. So, I thought, what better time to lend some last minute advice to those about to ask one of the most important questions of their lives.

The  biggest season for proposals is December through February. Within those months many of us join the bride and groom-to-be ranks. But, before all of the initial joy and excitement of being asked can happen you have to ask first! S,o, how do you propose? What are the most important aspects of a good proposal? What  do you say? Before you overwhelm yourself, I want to break down the whole process for you in a few practical steps that you can take towards making sure your proposal get exactly as you had hoped. 

You’ve bought a ring! Or maybe you haven’t , but you have decided that the person you are in a relationship with the is the person that completes you and you are ready for next level! So now what? Well, I have broken down the creation of the perfect proposal into 5 basic principles to help you navigate this alien concept.  Take your time and read through each step, then take action. Even if you aren’t the take action type, it can help to grab notebook and paper and answer some of the questions as you read them. The perfect proposal is just a few steps away. I am so glad to have you here today. If you are here on purpose that must means you are nervous but thrilled at the possibility of adding more love and connection into your life. You are my people and I hope the following advice goes a long way for you.


5 steps to the perfect proposal

Step by Step guide to planning the perfect proposal

Step 1 Consider Who You are Proposing to


You know them best, so, who are they? 

Do they like to be center of attention? Then perhaps a grand gesture, like asking in front of their family, is an option. Are they shy? Then, perhaps, you should keep it a private and romantic affair. Creating a profile for them can be incredibly helpful in making sure this ends up being a perfect proposal, write out a list of their favorite things, places and dreams. Plus, it may even help you get to know them better than you thought you did. Make it a game for yourself to find all of these things out without being a creeper about it. 

Here are some questions to help get your ideas flowing:

– Do they like flowers? What are their favorites? 

– What are their favorite shows and movies? Are they “The notebook” types or more ” The Walking Dead” crowd?

– Are they traditional minded? Should you be asking their family for their blessing?

– What activités do you do together that are especially exciting or memorable for them?

– Can you pick something off their bucket list and turn it into a proposal?

– What are they going to want to look like when they look back on the photos years from now? Planning ahead can allow you time to make sure they have the perfect outfit for the big reveal. 

– Are they lavish people? Google search then contact a company that styles grand proposals! 

Step 2 Don’t Be Obvious


Don’t be weird or sneaky or ….weird. Off character moves give it away every time. I know its nerve-racking but take a tip from Dalton  { see his proposal below} and just do something you would normally do ( or plan in advance) and work a proposal into your everyday life. 

They are going to know something is up if you do something out of the norm, keep secrets from them ( this part could seriously backfire), or act weird. Then your perfect proposal will be stopped dead in its tracks. 

Step 3 Dont Let Google Consume You


It is SOOOO EASY to let social media and Mr. Google take originality away from you and dull your creativity. The perfect proposal is unique to each couple. I highly prefer pen and paper and old fashioned brainstorming over google searches. Which is why you won’t find any specific ideas in this post, only the tools to come up with your own. If you feel like you have to get online to do this, try snooping their Pinterest board. People who are on Pinterest tend to pin their wildest fantasies. Sometimes they even pin their idea of a perfect proposal, SCORE! If you don’t get that lucky, however, you can always give yourself a challenge to get to know them better than you ever thought possible before actually planning anything. 

Step 4 Start Gathering Details


Once you have completed a paper plan of the perfect proposal you are hoping to achieve, start gathering the details of how you are going to pull it off. 

  • Write a rough draft of what you want to say ( don’t make this hard, just tell them what this means for you, what you promise them and how you plan to enrich their life) 

  • Get the ring, this doesn’t have to be a diamond anymore. If your lover is into more low key alternatives there are so many amazing, lower cost but still stunning alternatives. Check out Etsy {alternative engagement rings} ! 

  • Pick the perfect time of day for your chosen location. Make sure what ever you have planning will work in your chosen location and pick the time of day or day of the week when it will be most secluded. Sunday mornings usually work out well for this.

  • Gather all of you materials. If you are getting balloons or flowers or butterflies, figure out where to get them, when you have to order them, how they will get to you, how much they cost, etc. Or, hire a company to do this for you, some of them will even set it up! 

  • Ask for help, find a trusted friend of yours or theirs to help you pull off some of the more time consuming tasks. 

  • Remember to work it all in to your normal routines or figure out a really cool excuse for something out of the normal. 

Step 5 Hire a Damn Photographer/Videographer


You have done all of this work to find the perfect way to propose to your significant other, don’t let it slip by without having your perfect proposal documented. Chances are, this moment will fly by and the details of how it all happened will fade pretty quickly for you both. Hire a trusted professional to make sure that all of you hard work stays remembered for generations. Walk away with something you can share with your children and grandchildren. Plus, If you hire the same photographer to photograph your proposal, engagements and wedding, all of the images from this time in your lives will look cohesive and fit together beautifully on display in your home.

… Did I mention I shoot proposals? For more information on having me photograph your local Omaha or Lincoln, NE proposal or to travel to the perfect destination with you, please fill out the contact form and I will help you every step of the way.

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