5 Reasons to Elope


“It was a special moment between me and my Groom that was private and intimate. It meant a lot to share those few minutes with just him and not in front of a giant crowd.” – Terri M.


5 Reasons to Elope

We’re Eloping!

Tired of planning a big wedding, or never really wanted one in the first place? I’m glad you are here. I have been taking the time over recent weeks to become an expert on elopements. Now, I’m not there yet but the more I learn about them the more I LOVE the idea and wanted to start you off with 5 reasons to elope!

The benefits of eloping over having a huge wedding celebration are so numerous that it would take a really, really long time to write them all out here. However, some of the biggest perks I have found to be consistent so far, I have listed below. As I learn more I will share it with you here so make sure to utilize the opportunity to sign up for my email list at the top of the page.


This is a major duh for some but I feel like it is worth mentioning. Did you know that the average wedding costs around $26,645 in the united states? That’s an insane amount of money that comes with piles and piles of stress for most people. Granted I think the majority of people are spending around $10,000 or under on their wedding but that is still a crazy amount of money.  If money is no object for you and you want a huge celebration with all the bells and whistles WHOO HOO! I love that and I hope your day is magical. Whether or not you do have the money, if you are still are looking for something different, something more, something deeper… read on. 


2. Stress

The stress of planning a wedding is sometimes more than just the cost of it. Sometimes the endless compromising turns your wedding day into, well, someone else’s wedding day. {Read about zombie families HERE.} Maybe you are hyperventilating about being the center of attention. Perhaps you have some feuds in your circle that may get nasty at a big gathering. What ever your reasons are, there is no doubt that eloping is the less stress alternative to a grand party. Trust me, planning an extensive vacation is exponentially more fun than planning a big event.

It can be as simple as applying for a marriage license on a Monday and saying “I Do”on a Friday. Ah, doesn’t that sound nice.


“Hey, will you marry me?”

“Heck yes I will”

“K, cool”

“Hey, so… I have started wedding planning … I’ve looked at the costs, and spoken with my mom …. ”

“Want to go to the courthouse tomorrow”

**Sigh of relief “Heck yes”

“K, cool… Love you”

“Love you too”


Eloping can be so unique to every couple and just as beautiful as a big wedding. Even just going down to the courthouse can be special if you make it so. Make your story, yours again!

In fact, I think it would be amazing if you click this link and ran over to the Tiny Luxe Weddings’ website. It is a brand new company in Omaha Nebraska doing something in the Wedding market that just isn’t not being done here in the Midwest at all. Tiny Luxe Weddings offers all inclusive (meaning every single vendor is included for one price), pre-planned weddings. These are intimate weddings for 40 and under guests and they are held once a month with an exclusive theme at an exclusive venue. Tiny Luxe weddings also offers custom Omaha elopements!

3. Intimacy

As I mentioned above, a lot of people have a problem with the thought of being the center of attention. When you are talking about inviting 150 people or more your anxiety can quickly get out of wack. Even more than that though, there is something that breaks my heart at a lot of weddings I attend. I also talk with a lot of couples after the fact and some of the feedback is just sad. Brides and grooms are so busy entertaining their guests that the day passes by in a flash before they realize it, they didn’t get a moment to themselves to enjoy what was happening. Now, this is certainly not the case for everyone but it is a complaint that I hear a lot!

More and more couples are eloping simply so that they can enjoy the act of getting married. When you elope it is you, your partner and just a handful of people that you choose to bring with you to witness your union. This can be such a romantic and intimate display and it will allow you more space to imprint the day in your mind and remember the details better. Plus, what a great story!

4. Adventure

I think the biggest draw for me in deciding to specialize in elopements is the adventure factor. I am seeing a huge influx of couples choosing to travel to get married. This encompasses more of their personality and allows them the experience of a honeymoon rolled into the experience of getting married.

*I can’t wait to start my series on some of the best places to elope here in the U.S.A. { when I do I will link to the first post HERE}.If you have had a really positive experience eloping somewhere other than where you live I would love to hear your testimonials in the comments or via email!

Instead of spending 10-15 or even $20,000 on a wedding spend $5,000 on the vacation of your dreams and get married while you are there. This efficiently rolls your wedding in with your honeymoon eliminating a year or more of planning stress in the process.


5. The Experience is Extended!

This is a big one for me. My tagline “Extend the Experience” means so, so much to me for many reasons. One of them being the sadness it brings me to see a frazzled bride on her wedding day, trying to take it all in and she just can’t. Or a groom trying to  get a moment of peace alone with their lover and being endlessly bombarded by well meaning, excited kin. What’s is the wedding for? To celebrate being married to your best friend right? So, when do you get to celebrate together?

94 tiny-luxe-weddings-iowa-venue-photogeraphy-palace.jpg

What I Hope You Take Away From This

  • The cost of eloping vs the cost of having a wedding are like night and day! Elopements are exponentially cheaper

  • Stress and compromise are normal aspects to wedding planning that every bride and groom go through. When you elope, it’s cut down to a minimal amount!

  • Eloping is an entirely intimate experience.

  • The potential to make your elopement into an exciting adventure is incredible!

  • Eloping can make the start of your marriage more memorable and exciting.

The bottom line is of course, what do you want the start of your marriage to look like. Does the idea of a big fancy party appeal to you? Great! Chances are, if you are here reading this post, that isn’t in your vision, or at least, your vision is changing. Take hold of this moment and turn it into the most epic and romantic experience either of you ever imagined it would be.

Always remember never to apologize for how you choose to start your marriage either. Feeling bullied and want to elope? Don’t let anyone guilt you out of that decision!

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