What to Expect

My portrait sessions are 1-4 hours in length. These sessions are designed to capture you and/or your family's personality! Which means that during your session, you will play, tickle, laugh and explore. Kids will be free to express themselves and you will be encouraged to join them in the adventures they create. The possibilities are endless!  In my ideal session we will begin with some posed portraits.  Then I'll encourage a more relaxed portion of our session, to give you a chance to have fun and make some new memories while I capture some candid photos. This is why my number one desire for whatever you choose for your wardrobe is that it is comfortable and fits your personality. No, that does not mean sweatpants or a backwards baseball cap. here, let me show you…

The Basics are the same for families, couples, boudoir, branding, studio and more. The only difference will be the interaction between different relationships and the setting. You will be thoroughly guided each step of the way to make the most out of this experience in your life. 

Low Key Matching example

Low Key Matching example

I'm often asked for clothing ideas, so I thought I'd include a bit of information on the topic. The main guideline that you want to keep in mind as you plan your outfits is this:


Find a color palette that you love and choose outfits that compliment each other without looking too matchy-matchy.  Everyone will have a unique look without clashing in the photo.  You can choose to do neutrals with a few pops of colour or a softer palette that has different ranges in tone of the same shades. The photo above is a great example of how to match without looking the same.


  • I always suggest that the woman (especially mom if it's a family session) choose an outfit she feels confident and beautiful in.  Then, plan the colour palette and everyone else's outfits from there. I tend to suggest a dress for mom because the movement of the skirt gives the images life and movement. It's of course, whatever makes you feel most comfortable though. some people just don’t feel good in flow clothing like dresses, and that’s ok, you can and will still feel beautiful and confident.  

  • If you have a fun patterned outfit you would like to use, limit it to one person.  That way they will pop and still coordinate with everyone else.  Multiple patterns can look busy, and this way they won't be competing with one another.

  • Add dimension and interest by mixing up the texture of the clothing material and accents.

  • Feel free to bring cute little accessories such as scarves, hats (think brimmed not trucker), belts and basically anything with a fabulous texture.  Accessories can pull together an outfit and make it look complete.  Plus by switching up accessories and layers, you can get multiple looks without having to do complete outfit changes.

  • Keep our backdrop in mind when choosing your clothing.  If we are on a beach, aim to dress in clothes that are light and flowing (do not put everyone in white tops and jeans please).  If we are surrounded by fall leaves, layering with textures is a great option.

  • Make sure you are all wearing the same style. Casual, dressy etc …

  • Most importantly, be sure to wear clothes you feel comfortable in. Your confidence will really shine through in your photos!


  • Logos or images

  • Text

  • Neon colors

  • Be aware of any tan lines and how those will look in your chosen outfit

  • Uncomfortable or out of season clothing

  • Mixmatched style

And if you feel like you are in need of assistance, I am happy to help you!  Arrange your outfits on a large bed or on the floor, and then send me photos of your favourite combinations.  We can work together to ensure we find the perfect combination! If you need to purchase or rent something for your shoot I can help you shop. From Amazon to Target to boutique shops, there is a wide range of beautiful outfits out there that photograph well and fit into every budget. I have a collection of a lists of dream outfits for every genre and every age!