10 Outdoor Venues in Omaha, NE

Not being a Nebraska native can have it’s advantages right along with the disadvantages. I may be wildly unprepared for the weather, being a Texas girl we didn’t exactly get to experience snow, and unfamiliar with the slower life coming from a big city like Fort Worth. However, after spending 30 years of your life in one place, something new and unfamiliar seems magical and refreshing. Omaha, NE natives seem to have a great love for their city and the surrounding landscape, but I do hear all the time how boring it is here and how bland it can be.

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Wedding Essentials Checklist

I am so glad to have you here today. If you are here on purpose that must mean that you want to plan your wedding in a way that leaves ample time for you to enjoy the engagement. Most people don’t get to enjoy this time in their lives because they are too stressed to do so.  If you are ready to cut stress from the equation, get to work, and hopefully have a little fun while doing it, then keep reading. 

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Katie Brownpapillion