Elizabeth + Ian || Omaha Wedding Photographer

Omaha comes to life in the Spring. From a dead winter to incredibly beauty. I was surprise to find this to be true when I first moved here a little over a year ago. I was surprised to find out how magical Omaha truly is. I know it’s hard when you have lived in one place your whole life to let the magi dull from your vision. However, the joys of being new to this place is that not only is it still magical to me, but I can bring it back to life for others.

I adore meeting Omaha couples first thing in the morning, before dawn is barely a whisper. Especially as the seasons change that the warm air hits the cool waters creating a stunning display of mist and magic. It’s worth getting up so early to be there, witnessing nature come to life for a new day. Omaha is full of wonderful parks and reserves that are waiting for us to explore together.

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