Sarah + Brandon || Nebraska + Iowa, Emotional Engagement Photography

The beauty of life and love exists even in the darkest places even in the most horrendous of times. 

Not only has Omaha surprised me, but Iowa as well. This absolutely stunning couple from Omaha has transitioned me from a life in Texas to a life in Nebraska with ease. Their kindness and love for one another transcends all of the anxiety I felt in a new place. 

Not only were they easy to work with, they trusted me completely and I was able to be as creative with their engagement sessions as I wanted to be. We decided to travel outside of Omaha to Malvern, Iowa for these stunning engagement photos. I try to conduct 2 hour or more engagement sessions so that I have the freedom to be creative and the couple has the freedom to open up in front of the camera and become more vulnerable. 

It is so hard to relax in front of the camera, I know I promise. I pride myself on being able to ground couples in a place where they feel comfortable opening up to me and being able to get incredible results like this. 

Their wedding was held at Lucile‘s in old market this past October and these were done in the spring of 2018 just as flowers were about to bloom and trees were waking up. 

The variety, the moon, the black dress, the double exposures, the love and laughter and light in this gallery brings me to life every time I look at it.

Katie BrownComment