Heather's Adult Cake Smash || Wehrspann Lake at Chalco Hills

A, millennial tradition, cake smash sessions for adults are some of my favorite. These photo shoots are about more than bing silly and having a great time. They bring together the need to stay young at heart, not taking life too seriously, feeling special and self care. This beautiful 30 year old queen took “extra” to the next level. This was her chance to get creative with her personality, and show herself some love. So fresh and so clean clean she camp with shower damp hair and no make up, you know, like a boss.

A bright pink crown was recycled from a halloween shoot ( check it out here if you don’t remember) to help fulfill her need for pink and glitter, of which there was a lot of both.

Adult cake smash sessions can be fun, bright, silly, dark, or cathartic. Basically, they exist tone whatever you need them to be.