Mick Family || Mulhall's Family Photo Session

On a perfect day in Nebraska we can go outside and enjoy the incredible beauty this state has to offer. Omaha especially has such a wonderful texture in it’s forests and hills. Small lake are scattered throughout this Midwestern city and the wildlife is abundant.

However, if you live in Omaha, NE you understand all too well that perfect day’s in this midwestern city are few and far between. So where are we to go when the weather is less than ideal and you need gorgeous photos taken?

Whether for photography or or a breath of fresh air, Mulhall’s is my happy place. It’s friendly staff and gorgeous variety of plants, this Omaha nursery has the most inviting vibe.

They welcome photographers inter space but it is so very important to know how to respectfully conduct business here. Put things back, you break you buy, don’t impede shoppers, and buy a little something on your way out anyway, just to say thanks! Muller is such an incredible resource and refuge, don’t waste it.

This adorable little Omaha family joined me on a cold, rainy day to have a little fun in the nursery. We were able to collect a beautiful little photo gallery full of memories they can cherish as their little one grows.

Katie BrownmulhallsComment