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With shortness of breath, I’ll explain the infinite
How rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist
— Sleeping at Last

My life has given me the tools and inspiration to create art for you and your family…

As a mother of two little boys I’ve grown over the past 6 years into an innovative and resourceful human. They have taught me a ridiculous amount of patience (or rather how to fake it until I can find a safe place to scream), but most importantly, watching them has taught me that even the smallest moments in life are pure magic. The wonder of a child is such a pure thing that I aim to recreate it over and over again for my clients.

My 12 year marriage has shown me the power of that connection between people. I look for it now, all around me, and get a thrill when I see it in the people I photograph. I’m always searching for how your connection tells your story and it feeds creativity right into my soul.

Nature is another huge inspiration to me. The way the leaves applaud the wind as it races by, the soft texture of dirt under my bare feet in the Spring, the lapping of the water against my kayak. We are all surround by it all the time and it’s my job to see it in your story and bring it forth so that you too can experience the world around you in a new way.

Photography is more than a job to me.

  • It is a challenge to get people to slow down and enjoy the experiences that make up life.

  • It is a reminder of how interesting and beautiful the mundane can be and how our everyday moments shape our future selves.

  • This is why it’s so important to me to print my clients work and offer them a full service experience that includes curating a store full of precious and archival quality print products designed to last for generations and help your story get told over and over again as the years continue forward. As your minds age, your memories shouldn’t.

It still amazes me, every day, that I went from a born and raised Texan, to a fiercely loyal resident of Omaha, NE. Becoming a traveling, destination photographer for weddings, and starting over as an Omaha, NE based professional photography Studio had shown me grace, strength, improved my adaptability and my passion for creation.

Let’s celebrate the everyday, the love that sparks us all into life, the stories that surround us and the ones who support us. Let’s get weird, have fun and be our unabashed selves. Let’s get coffee!


Street Cred

  • Obsessed with Austin, TX

  • Empath

  • I miss living in California SO BAD

  • Boy mom

  • Secretly want to be a great white shark expert

  • Birth education nerd

  • LGBTQ advocate

My Dream Job

  • What I’m doing … duh!

  • But for real…. Something in wildlife management where I could also be a nature and landscape photographer/park ranger

What is Something Weird you Might Find in my Camera Bag?

  • Pieces of shiny trash to use creatively when photographing people.

Family Photo Credit:  Foton Foto

Family Photo Credit: Foton Foto

Telling Stories…

Every one of us has a beautiful story to tell and it’s hard to know how to begin telling it. Whether you just got engaged in Old Market Omaha, your daughter is graduating Millard South high school, you’re celebrating your furbabies who you frequent all of Omaha’s dog parks with, or you are renewing your vows with your partner of 50 years at Chapel Dulcinea in Austin, TX. Each moment holds a certain weight for us and the generations that come after. The only real mistakes we make in this life are not recognizing these moments as important or worthy of passing on to the next generation.

It didn’t matter which of my grandparents houses I was at, who I was with, or what the occasion was, if I was left alone I was looking through every drawer, browsing every dusty box and looking for secret hiding places. The history of my older family members intrigued me even as a child. Today, I am obsessed with documenting milestones for others in such a way that printing them only makes sense. Having a physical record is entirely too important to pass up on. Print Today.

Now that I am in Omaha, NE, over 700 miles way from the places I grew up, I feel the importance of it more than ever. I am dedicated to bringing Nebraskan couples and families the most unique, beautiful and long lasting print products on the market.